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Jim Bauschke

You are soooo right. Our profession is way overloaded on the product side, so much so that we have almost completely lost sight of the emotional side, especially when it comes to the people sitting in the pews or chapel chairs. Just take a look at some FH websites. You'll see pictures of funeral homes, caskets, vaults, urns, trinkets, etc. You have to hunt to find a story about the people who died (except for the owners of the FH--their whole history is right up front). It's no wonder the consumer is voting with his feet. The future is in focusing on the life that was lived, not on us and our funeral homes and our need to sell stuff because a death occurred. It's a paradigm shift and the consumer is way ahead of us.


I agree with you wholeheartedly. Women have been ignored to the peril of many a sales dollar lost.

However, the way your post is written is also a bit exclusive to women. Are there no women in decision-making positions in casket companies? Are there none in the industry who read this blog? I'd argue there are more of us than most people realize.


Well Michelle, I have known a couple of women in second tier executive positions through the years. I don't think they were in key decision making roles, though I may be mistaken about that.

In any case, that's very far from the 1/3rd standard set by Tom Peters in his "pledge" above.

Thanks for the comment.



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Chuck Klosterman

Caskets are so expensive!!! Why?!?! I am sure they are hard to make and all that, but when someone in your family dies, it shouldn't hit your wallet. I recently lost a loved one and found out first hand that it does. But we shopped around and found a great deal on a casket at

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